Wearing Kids Out!

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Best Party Ever

Uptown Jungle is the ultimate birthday party venue for your kids.

We provide everything for your child’s birthday party to ensure that their party is a raging success.

Low Pricing

Open Hours

A Ton of Fun Attractions

Climbing Walls
Spider Tower
Mega Play Structure
Super Slides
Toddler Area
Mini Zip
Ball Blaster Arena
Ninja Course
For security reasons, signing the WAIVER is required by anyone entering the park.


Wearing the kids out has never been easier. Get unlimited access to Uptown Jungle all year round when you and your family become Uptown Members today!

Things to Know

Play like a pro. Learn some tips and other useful information prior to your visit.

Indoor playground in Temecula, CA

When you need a place to unwind after a long, busy week while your kids are having the time of their lives, Uptown Jungle is the place to be. Our trampoline park is the best you’ll find in Temecula since we provide all parents and little ones with unrivaled levels of fun. There’s something everyone in our fantastic adventure park: you can lay back and relax in our parent’s lounge or join your kids while they experience the variety of thrilling adventures Uptown Jungle has to offer.

Exciting trampoline parks near me? Uptown Jungle is your answer!

Your little ones need equal amounts of mental stimulation and physical activity to stay perfectly healthy and happy. This is exactly what Uptown Jungle brings to the table: engaging activities that give your kids a chance to jump around and feel like a hero in an adventure movie. Our imaginative child’s play area is great for kids of all ages and is designed to provide parents in Temecula with a perfect place to keep their kids engaged and motivated while spending quality time with like-minded parents.

Uptown Jungle: the best indoor play area for toddlers

We bring unique experiences for the entire family, including the youngest members. Your toddler will simply love the various games and activities we have designed specifically for them. Let your little ones explore Uptown Jungle on their own or play with them and experience the world through their eyes.

You can rest assured that our adventure park is designed to keep your toddler perfectly safe and healthy. Our rigorous cleaning routine is designed to maintain the highest hygiene levels at all times. We even deep clean our park every single night!

Our exciting trampoline park offers amazing perks!

We want to give you a chance to spend the whole day having fun with your kids and that’s why we boast affordable, all-inclusive admission passes. Once you pay at the door, you’ll be free to explore all of our thrilling attractions with your little ones.

Not only that but we also treat our customers with special discounts and coupons to make you absolutely happy. Take advantage of our Buy One, Get One Hour of Play Time Free of Charge today and make your kids’ dreams come true!

We’re so much more than just a jump trampoline park!

Trampolines are great, no doubt about that. Yet, Uptown Jungle has so much more to offer! Uptown Jungle provides unrivaled levels of entertainment for kids of all ages, making sure they never run out of fun things to do.

The unique opportunities for child’s play Uptown Jungle offers are unmatched in Temecula. Our attractions include giant slides, climbing walls, obstacle and ninja courses, ball shooter arenas and more!

Which indoor playground near me is best for birthday parties? We know the place!

There’s no better place for delightful indoor birthday parties in Temecula than our unsurpassed adventure park. Why waste time and energy on trying to organize the best party ever when your child and their friends are guaranteed an unforgettable birthday experience at Uptown Jungle? Browse through our great birthday packages and make your kid’s special day that much more special!

Make wonderful friends at our peerless trampoline park

Uptown Jungle has one mission: to enable Temecula families to spend quality time together in a nurturing, community-driven environment. Our fun park is not just a stimulating kids play area, but a great place for organizing events and activities of all shapes and sizes. If the novelty of Harveston Lake Park and Ronald Reagan Sports Park has worn off, bring your kids to Uptown Jungle and let them experience adventures they’ll find nowhere else!

That’s not all! Our Fun For 5 bookmark incentive program enables teachers, church leaders and coaches to motivate children with imaginative activities and great rewards. Let’s achieve great things together!

Superb trampoline parks in Temecula and beyond

Uptown Jungle is loved for its thrilling indoor play areas in San Diego and the surrounding neighborhoods. Parents and kids alike are delighted with our lovely trampoline park in Mesa and second-to-none Murrieta jump park. They also adore our fabulous Peoria trampoline park and the best indoor playground in Glendale, AZ.

That’s not all! You can also spend quality time with your kids at our top-notch trampoline park in Chandler and matchless indoor playground in Gilbert, AZ. In addition, we are proud to run one of the finest indoor playgrounds in Henderson, NV! Join the fun today!